What Does It Take To Get To Musandam From Dubai

Musandam is a mountainous Omani peninsula between the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the country. The region offers dramatic coastlines and is home to dolphins. Dolphin watching is a popular activity, and dhow cruises are a popular way to see the area. Visitors can also explore the 17th-century Khasab Fort, which houses a museum. Before considering the Oman Musandam tour, you must know the following things.

Musandam is a small enclave:

Musandam is a small peninsula separated from the rest of Oman by the east coast of the UAE. It is known as the Norway of Arabia for its breathtaking scenery, rugged mountains, and deserted coves. It is also home to a handful of small, charming villages.

The region is a popular destination for paragliding and parasailing. The sport is best experienced on a tandem paraglide, which takes you over a thousand feet in the air.

It is split from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates:

Musandam is a small peninsula in the Gulf of Oman bordering the United Arab Emirates and containing the town of Khasab, which was founded 300 years ago. Its primary industries include agriculture, fishing, and ship building. It is accessible by road via the winding Khasab coastal road. It is about a three-hour drive from Dubai.

It is a popular beach destination:

Musandam is an exclave of Oman, separated from the rest of the country by the Strait of Hormuz. Turquoise waters and rugged mountains surround the area. Though it is a remote area, the peninsula is accessible by car and is well worth a visit if you’d like to experience Oman’s wilderness.

It has a unique cuisine:

When traveling to Musandam, you should know that the region has a unique cuisine. This region is associated with the Al Shihuh Tribe, the area’s original inhabitants. Other tribes that inhabit the region include the Al Dhuhuriyun and Al Kumazarah. Most visitors to the area spend most of their time in Khasab.

It is a popular day trip from Dubai:

A day trip to Musandam is one of the most popular excursions from Dubai. This scenic region of Oman is known for its limestone mountains, sandy beaches, and fjords. It is a popular destination for UAE residents and tourists, and entry is free. Musandam enjoys many activities, including snorkeling, banana board riding, and fishing.