API Monograms - Facts You Must Be Aware Of

API monogram certification is the mark that manufacturers have achieved when manufacturing products that meet the API Spec Q1. The API monogram guarantees the buyer that a product meets the API’s quality standards and performance requirements. Manufacturers can apply for API monogram certification by applying for an API license. If you consider getting this license, hire the right API monogram consultancy services.

API Spec Q1:

If you are unfamiliar with API Spec Q1, you should first know this standard. This standard is an industry-specific quality management system document that emphasizes defect prevention and reduces variation in manufacturing organizations. In addition, it promotes reliability in manufacturing. However, it doesn’t mean that all organizations must implement the same quality management system, documentation, and controls. Some organizations may use the standard with other industry-specified documents, like ASTM E-84.

Licensee’s QMS requirements:

A licensed manufacturer can apply the API monogram registered mark to their equipment if they meet the requirements of API Spec Q1. This industry-standard quality management system meets most of the ISO 9001 and is specifically tailored for use in the oil and gas industry. To earn the monogram, a licensee must demonstrate compliance with API Spec Q1 through an audit.

Previously, only API-certified facilities were eligible to apply for the API monogram. However, they were still required to meet API Q1 requirements. This required annual audits and maintenance of a QMS. In addition, API also implemented annual audits for all facilities, including those not previously required to undergo the audit.

Licensee’s obligation to maintain compliance:

To use the API monogram mark, a licensee must comply with API’s licensing program. This includes a documented and functioning quality management system. The system must comply with the API Spec Q1(r) and API Product Specifications. If it does not, the licensee must notify API and take immediate steps to bring it into compliance.

It is designed to identify organizations capable of manufacturing API products:

API’s monogram program is designed to identify organizations capable of manufacturing API products. If a facility cannot meet API specifications, API may refuse initial licensing, suspend current licensing, or terminate current licensing. In addition, API must verify that the facility has an API-compliant quality management system with a quality manual that recognizes API Spec Q1.